Available courses

The purpose of this course is to prepare students completing the first year of the ADN program who choose to engage in nursing at the level of the Practical Nurse scope of practice. This course provides additional nursing content and skills needed at the PN level focusing on the SLOs at the end of the second level of nursing courses.

This course will provide students information on the Nurse Aide course and requirements. 

Clinical Onboarding requirements for Memorial Medical Center and NorthLakes Clinics 

Online orientation information for UP Health Portage.  Must be completed prior to clinical. 

Onboarding materials for UP Health Marquette

This course covers the concepts of homeland security and the programs and actions being taken by government agencies, organizations, and the private sector. It examines the essential need for preventing terrorist attacks within the United States, decreasing vulnerability to terrorism, and minimizing the recovery from attacks that do occur.